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Our crew of painters is experienced in all aspects of residential interior painting in Colorado Springs, CO. We treat our customers’ homes as if they were our own while following the industry’s strictest standards of quality. Our team is neat and tidy, and they clean up after themselves at the end of each day. They will only leave behind stunning interior paintwork. We will provide speed and quality, so you don’t have to reorganize your entire life to have your walls painted.

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Your home is much more than just a structure; it is your place of peace and escape, your refuge, your protection for you and your family. Give it the care it deserves, and it will return the favor for years to come. The proper painting contractor can assist you in selecting the colors and products that will stand the test of time, while also minimizing any stress associated with the painting process.

And did you know that a high-quality paint job can also boost your home’s value and actually save you money while also improving curb appeal? We are a full-service Colorado Springs interior painting company dedicated to providing homeowners with exceptional residential painting services, unrivaled knowledge, and skilled painters to help transform your home from the inside out.

Transform your home’s curb appeal with high-quality exterior and interior painting in Colorado Springs. Trust us to deliver a stunning, long-lasting finish that will protect your property from the elements and enhance its beauty. Request a follow-up consultation and let us create a unique experience for you.

Interior Painting Services

Our crew of interior painters in Colorado Springs, CO has years of experience working closely with homeowners to create the look you are after and that will maximize your enjoyment and satisfaction when complete. This includes selecting the right colors, sheens and finishes, and factors in such considerations as hardness and low VOC levels when appropriate. Every project is extremely important to us, and we take pride in the small details.
newly painted walls and ceiling of a modern meeting room interior in office

Walls and Ceiling

The colors in your home establish the mood and feel of the living area and have a significant impact on your life. At the same time, the property sheen level can hide blemishes in texture, or add to the durability of the surface to help your paint stand up to the abuse of teenagers or pets. We can work with the colors and products you have already chosen, or help guide you in the right direction.
a modern kitchen with green cabinet, wooden wall and wooden flooring

Cabinet Painting

If your kitchen cabinets appear a little worn and outdated but are still in good physical shape, you may be able to avoid full replacement. If you have considered or priced out complete kitchen cabinet replacement you may have already discovered that painting can potentially save you thousands of dollars by comparison!
a luxury home office with wooden sliding doors and a beautiful window view

Doors, Windows, and Trim

The interior door, window, and trim are high wear areas that often take the majority of the abuse as the home ages. You may be surprised how big of a visual impact you can make by just freshening up these smaller areas of the home for much less than the cost of a complete interior painting job.

Photo Gallery

Take a look at our photo gallery to get a better idea of what we specialize in. If you like what you see, please fill out our contact form. We would love to speak with you about your project!

Customer Reviews

Andrew Dickson
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"Fantastic!!! Barry was very professional and knowledgeable when he came out to give his estimate. Got a great feeling right away. The painter that came out to do the work (Tyler) was great. Very friendly and did a great job. We have more projects to do and will be using them for sure."
Robin Didion
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"Barry was professional, polite and very personable. He continued to find answers to all my questions. His painters were fabulous and went above and beyond. We couldn’t be more pleased with our finished product!"
John Landreman
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"I hired Hemmert Painting & Exteriors to paint the exterior of my house and couldn't be happier. Barry and the crew showed a desire to make sure that the job was done right. The work by Cody and Charger was done with a professional and friendly attitude. I would have no reservations recommending to others."
Scott Dennis
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"Barry first painted the exterior of my house in 2013. His winning bid beat two others. Eight years later, I only asked Hemmert Painting for an estimate. I’m again very pleased with the result. Tyler did the actual work this time and he easily exceeded all my expectations. Thanks Hemmert Painting, see you again in about 8 years!”
White M.
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“Barry was great. We had to coordinate the painting with other work we were having done on the exterior of the house and he worked around everything else for us. We were picky also and had a lot of questions to be addressed before he even started. He was very helpful during that time. The work has been done now and it is a really well done job.”
Kris Terry
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“I appreciated the expertise and knowledge of Barry and crew. They did an awesome job on painting the exterior of my home. I would recommend them to anyone needing their house painted.”
Duane D.
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“So professional, friendly, on-time, good value for money, and great workmanship. I’ve had so many bad experiences with exterior painting from our many hailstorms from other companies … I’ll be calling Barry Hemmert exclusively from now on.”
Raquel Gomez
Read More
“I had several walls painted that were over 20ft high and am so thankful I did. They were extremely punctual, high quality, and experienced. The project completed even faster than I thought and am very happy with the results. I would highly recommend and will be using them for future projects!”

Why Paint Your Home's Interior?

Add your own style, recoat to clean up smudges and signs of wear, seal to protect from water damage, update the decorating scheme to make your home appear much newer than it really is, and add durability that your home currently lacks with the thin “builder grade” paint.

Prevent Damage to Your Home

Painting the interior of your home saves it today and prevents potential damage to the interior walls of your home. Most interior walls are built of materials that absorb moisture naturally.

Over time, excessive absorption might result in damaged walls, which can endanger the structural integrity of your home. This can most often be seen in laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and other wet areas. Moisture trapped within walls works as a stimulant for mold growth, which can cause health problems. Paint will keep moisture out of your home’s porous walls.
Old craftsman style house with beige interior paint. Carpet floor and built-in closet in empty room.

Increase the Value of Your Property

If you’re considering selling your house in the near future, one of the most cost-effective ways to increase the value of a property is to repaint your walls.

It’s a cost-effective approach to remodeling, and it increases the appeal of your house to potential buyers. If you’re looking to make a few minor changes to your property before placing it on the market, painting is an excellent way to maximize your investment.

Customize Your Home

When you buy a home, it has already been painted according to the preference of someone else. The colors on the walls might not have been properly coordinated with your decor or your sense of style.

With paint, you can customize your home to your preference. Whether you choose to paint your walls in neutral tones or to cover your entire home in vibrant colors, you have complete freedom to create the mood you prefer for each individual room.
Modern living room with fireplace, sofa, balcony and pattern carpet

Interior Walls and Ceiling Painting

Interior walls and ceilings are areas in your home that are the most visible, and when they are painted in a new color or have their existing color refreshed, you will notice a tremendous difference.

Your walls and ceilings may actually be dirtier than you think. There is no other product that has the ability to change a room quite like paint. It is cost-effective, covers stains, and may even improve your home’s air quality. Paint can be used to refresh the style of your house and even give the entire home a more modern appearance.

Cabinet Painting

Many people believe that painting their home exclusively involves painting the walls. However, have you considered the impact that a fresh coat of paint on your cabinets may have on the look of an entire room? If your cabinets require touch-ups or you’re simply ready for a fresh appearance throughout your kitchen or bathroom, we are the interior house painters in Colorado Springs, CO who can help.
Cabinet painting is a refined skill that requires meticulous attention to detail. Our goal is to completely eliminate the “dated” appearance of many oak cabinets and offer a completely new look with a durable hard finish that will save you thousands of dollars when compared with the cost of complete cabinet replacement.

Our process begins with the removal of all cabinet doors and hardware, sanding and filling to eliminate gouges and/or surface imperfections, spraying primer and paint, and finally reassembly. This process results in a bold new coat of paint that will attract attention and brighten your home.
a beautiful kitchen with white and gray cabinets and a hanging light at the center
two workers lifting a fabricated door inside their shop, preparing to be painted

Door Painting

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to change your home’s appearance, look no further than your doors! Repainting your doors can make a dramatic change in the appearance of your home.

It’s a simple and cost-effective way to give your home a new look without investing in a major renovation job.
an empty room with windows, trims painted in white, and gray walls and vinyl wood flooring

Window Painting

Windows improve the look of your home. They are the eyes of your home. They let light and air in when opened. A fresh coat of paint on your windows can do wonders for the appearance of your home, and it’s easy to keep it looking great. Get in touch with us if you’re unclear about what color will work best with your windows or if it’s time for a paint job.
Painting the baseboard, on the floor is a can of white paint and a brush on top of the can

Trim Painting

While painting interior walls and cabinets is crucial to improving your home, painting interior trim is just as important. Believe it or not, the interior trim of your home has a big effect on the appearance and feel of any room.

It not only brightens the walls’ color but also adds visual appeal to each room. It adds value to your property by giving each room a pleasant, clean appearance. When you hire our crew, they will assist you in selecting colors that will give an attractive appearance to your home.

The Process of Working With Us

We would like to invite you to visit the gallery on our website to get an idea of the type of work we perform. If you like what you see and would like to work with us, we would love to hear from you!
Step 1: Visit our Pricing page to make sure our services align with your budget. We know we are not the cheapest, but the difference in quality is obvious.

Step 2: Verify you are in our serviceable area.

Step 3: Fill out our contact form, to include a few images of your project, so that we can determine how best to serve you.

You can expect to hear back from us within 24 hours to discuss the next steps and, if appropriate, set a time for an in-home consultation.
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a two-story house with newly painted window trims and door

What Sets Us Apart

Precise Estimates

You’ll receive a customized, thorough proposal outlining our exact procedures and a fixed price for all paintwork. You have our promise in writing that you won’t be surprised by additional fees that you have not agreed to. Any changes or product substitutions will be approved by you prior to beginning any work.

Professionalism and Integrity

Let’s be honest. Tradesmen don’t always have the greatest reputation. While owners and estimators typically show up ready to impress, construction workers do not always live up to these expectations. We don’t agree with this double standard. You can expect competence, professionalism, honesty, and respect from ALL of us through the entire process.

Experience and Longevity

We are a team of career painters. We do not hire new employees seasonally. Every worker on your project has committed to mastering their craft and exceeding your expectations. We will still be around in the future when you need us!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions we get asked all the time about interior painting. If you have any questions for us, please give us a call and we will be happy to help.
The answer to this question could be pages long, but we will try to be concise. The first consideration is lighting. A room painted with a light color will appear brighter, larger, and more open. By using a darker paint color, larger spaces can feel cozier. Darker colors provide a more dramatic ambiance in small spaces. The mood you want to create in a room and your personal style have a significant impact on the paint colors you choose.
We use drop cloths or plastic sheets to cover any large pieces of furniture that can’t be moved to the middle of the room. If necessary, we can remove the furniture from the room and return it once the project is complete.
In most cases, an owner can remain in their home while it is being painted. This also depends on the size of the work and the amount of time the work will affect vital rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom. If you must remain during the project, we schedule the work so that they are as comfortable and unaffected as possible.
The cost is determined by the scale of the project, the surface conditions, the color scheme used, and the amount of materials required. To get an accurate estimate of costs, we recommend setting up a meeting so that we can learn more about your intentions and the resources needed to execute the project. Check out our pricing page.
Yes! There are numerous samples of our work in the gallery page, including both interior and exterior painting projects.
The average lifespan of an interior painting project ranges from 5 to 10 years, depending on the type.
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Step 1: Visit our Pricing Page. to make sure our services align with your budget. We know we are not the cheapest, but the difference in quality is obvious.

Step 2: Verify you are in our serviceable area.

Step 3: Fill out our contact form, to include a few images of your project, so that we can determine how best to serve you. You can expect to hear back from us within 24 hours to discuss the next steps and, if appropriate, set a time for an in-home consultation.

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