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These are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have a specific question, please check the answers. If you are unable to find an answer to your question, please contact us and we will gladly answer you.

How often should I paint my home?

This obviously depends on a variety of factors. Theoretically, the interior may never need painting if you are still satisfied with its appearance. Paint color fade generally does not occur with age inside a home. However, outside is a different story. There are certain parts of the home exterior where snow typically drifts, melts, and refreezes during the winter causing abusive expansion and contraction during every freeze/thaw cycle which can cause premature paint failure. Ice dams from poorly draining gutters can also be a source of problems. And don’t forget the Colorado sun which is more intense on the East and South facing sides, causing them to fade quicker than the rest of the home. Generally, a quality paint job should last 10 years, assuming your contractor is responsible enough not to attempt to paint over rotten siding. However, every home has certain trouble spots that must be addressed more frequently. And may need to be touched up more frequently. Or at least special consideration must be given to them during prep so that these specific areas don’t force you to call back a painter for a complete repaint in a much shorter time frame. Request a no-obligation quote so that you can ask our experts to walk the property with you and show you how we handle these “problem areas”. Or we can simply give you an actionable plan for what touchup you can either do yourself or hire us to do for you so that you can extend the time before your home needs another complete repaint.

Can I purchase my own paint in order to save money?

Generally speaking, it’s better if the contractor assumes the responsibility of providing the paint. That way if there are any discrepancies with a color match or overall quality, the responsibility rests 100% with the contractor to make it right. If we are attempting to use a product we are unfamiliar with or uncomfortable using, it’s difficult for us to guarantee our results. However, we are happy to use whichever paint you prefer on your project. Or to discount our price if you have already purchased paint. We certainly have our preferences, based on experience working with a variety of paint products day in and day out. And we are happy to discuss different options and the pros and cons of different categories of products for use in your home. Not all paints are created equal. And not all products are ideal for every surface type. There is a lot that goes into paint technology. And there is more to think about than just brand name. Contact us and ask for a no-obligation consultation and we can help you determine which paints, stains or finishes are right for your project.

Are you licensed and insured?

Absolutely! We do everything by the books. In addition to carrying the necessary state-mandated limits of liability insurance, all employees are also covered by workers comp coverage. While painting is an unlicensed trade in Colorado, we have decades of experience that speaks for us. We hire only experienced tradespeople who are highly qualified, journeymen level craftsmen, to perform the job correctly.

How long will it take to paint my home?

Generally, our team is able to complete the painting of an average-sized home exterior in approximately one full week. Obviously, this depends on the size and complication of your home. Decks will add considerable extra time. In any case, we never rush the project. A project simply takes however long it takes to do it properly. And your project receives 100% of our attention. We don’t juggle multiple projects at once. Once we begin your project we will be there every day until completion. Unless we have made prior arrangements with you to take a temporary break for special circumstances.

Do I need to select my colors prior to hiring a painting contractor?

We will be happy to discuss colors with you at your initial consultation if you have some ideas. And, in fact, that may significantly shorten the time to completion of your project. While it can be helpful to price the project if we know approximately what colors and decorating scheme you are considering, it’s not required at the time of the initial consultation. However, we have several techniques we can use to help our customers select colors they will love. Once you have chosen the final colors and have seen wet samples of them painted directly on the home or on a display board, the next step is to set a start date for the project. We highly recommend this order of events, as scheduling the project only after final color selection avoids the all-too-common scenario of feeling rushed and selecting a color quickly, only to potentially come home to find your home was painted a color that was close but just doesn’t quite look the same on large surfaces as it did on the small sample card. If color is simply ‘not your thing’ we also have a color consultant who can assist. Contact us and tell us how we can help.

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